The road to blockers

It’s been a long and bumpy road but we finally got there!

In September 2016 we self-referred to Sandyford GIC. At the time the waiting time was 9 to 12 months but we had our first appointment at the end of April. This was the first of three assessment appointments with a psychologist, all six weeks apart.

That first appointment covered family history, how R identifies and what we were hoping for from the process. The second appointment delved into when R was first aware that their gender identity varied from their sex and what else was happening in their life at that time. The third appointment was really a summary of everything that was previously discussed and what the plan for going forward was. At this stage, the referral to an endocrinologist for puberty blockers was sent.

We were anticipating a wait of a couple of months but then I got a call earlier this week offering an appointment for Friday! I was very excited, as I knew R was so keen to get blockers but I was nervous because R is also terrified of needles. I can’t speak for R but I think their feelings were just as mixed – happy at the prospect of halting all the development which causes such distress, but scared about having to get an injection.

We went off to the appointment on Friday both feeling a little apprehensive.

The endocrinologist explained how the blockers would work and that after a withdrawal bleed periods would stop completely and breasts would not grow at all (in fact there is a small chance some of the growth can reverse). During this time I could feel R getting more and more anxious about things and I was getting worried about how this was going to go.

The nurse came in, R moved over to the bed and that’s when it all started to go wrong…. We ended up taking a few minutes outside to let R calm down and talk it through.

Off we went back to the nurse, and after some panic and more than a few tears it finally happened! The injection is a pretty sore one apparently, but it last less than 5 seconds and R was so proud of themselves.

Hopefully now R is on blockers the dysphoria will decrease but we will have to wait and see.

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