An empowering week

What a week! I had a bit of an up and down week the other week, with various things going on and it all got a bit much. We were booked to go for a residential weekend with Mermaids UK and I was a little nervous.

The night before we were due to leave I had my wobble after a hectic week and the day we were leaving R was having a strop and not wanting to go.

We arrived on the Friday, a couple of hours after we could have and I thought we would have missed dinner but luckily not 🙂 R stuck to me like glue for the first couple of hours, and I was kind of glad because I only knew a couple of people and I was just as nervous, even if I wasn’t showing it. After dinner we sat down to chat and R got together with a few other teens, even stayed up later than me!

Saturday was full on with talks for adults and activities for teens, then some wine in the evening 🙂 I barely saw R all day, and was told to disappear when I approached them at lunchtime!

We left on Sunday lunchtime, having had an amazing weekend. I flourished and felt stronger than I had for a little while after being in a safe space and with people who knew what it’s like to parent a trans kid.

The best part though was R hanging out with other teens, away from me, and just acting like any other teenager. This might seem like a small thing to many parents but if you’re the parent of a trans kid you know how huge these seeming tiny things are.

A huge thank you to Mermaids and all the volunteers who made the weekend happen. It was amazing!!!!

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